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Charitable Giving

There are two sides to charitable giving. Institutions are constantly searching for future funding sources and individuals are looking for the most effective means to provide continued support to the organizations that matter to them. SGC brings these two areas together under our Charitable Giving services. We can provide non-profit organizations with financial services. At the same time, we can help our individual clients uncover the most effective methods for gifting including trusts, wills, and gifts of life insurance or appreciated assets to name a few.

  • We learn your community sensitivities and altruistic objectives.
  • You can explore the full range of charitable giving vehicles available.
  • With your legal and tax advisors, we help you maximize the effect of your gift through tax saving strategies.

Whether your interests include educational, social, religious, or health care entities, charitable strategies will help maximize the impact while preserving your own financial future.

Financial Advisors do not provide specific tax or legal advice. This information should not be considered as specific tax or legal advice. You should consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your own specific tax or legal situation.