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Fee-Based Financial Planning

Do You Have a Financial Plan to Help you Achieve Your Goals?

SGC’s financial planning process is a thorough, yet simple way for you to take the first step toward reaching your financial goals. Throughout our process, you and your advisor will develop customized financial strategies […]

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Investment Strategies

Are You Simply "Invested" or Do You have an Investment Strategy?

Your investment portfolio should reflect your tax situation, the time horizon for goal achievement and your tolerance for risk. Only with the knowledge of your personal wealth accumulation goals can an advisor develop a […]

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Retirement Services

When is the Right Time to Start Preparing for Retirement Income Generation?

There was a time when Retirement Services applied only to clients within a decade of leaving the work force. Today, with people changing employment more often and companies’ benefit packages varying greatly, our Retirement […]

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Business Solutions

Are You Prepared to Transfer the Ownership of Your Business?

Even the most successful business owners need to address the critical issues to pass their achievements on to their children, partners or new owners. We can design a strategy required for this complex task, […]

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Charitable Giving

How Do You Make Your Money Do More?

There are two sides to charitable giving. Institutions are constantly searching for future funding sources and individuals are looking for the most effective means to provide continued support to the organizations that matter to […]

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Estate Planning

Have You Secured the Transfer of Your Estate?

Once you have a solid financial investment strategy, one of the most critical concerns you should consider involves your estate. Our financial advisors will coordinate with your legal and tax professionals to help establish […]

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